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Bloom With Grace

Hi everyone! I am so excited to finally participate in a class project. Bonnie - You are so fantastic!! This class is brilliant, your skill with AI is brilliant and your thorough and skilled teaching is, well, Brilliant! lol  I have just started diving into learning how to vecotorize my sketches and art and the skillshare classes I've found have been tremendous help.

When I watched this class over several days on my early morning personal time....I can't even explain how excited it got me. You fill in so many blanks and have helped me begin to grasp Ai in a much better fashion. 

Anyhow....I love to draw, sketch, doodle, and this surface pattern design class is kinda like my dream job!

My daughters and I recently decided to plant a butterfly garden just outside my studio windows and we planted several flowers over the weekend. The colors will be beautiful and we are hoping to draw a crowd of beautiful winged friends and hummingbirds to our little garden. 

This garden idea of course got me sketching flowers and butterflies and all kinds of ideas started brewing...I'm not finished by any means, but time is hard to come by and I wanted to at least get my projecct started online so that I don't completely miss the competition deadline.  So here goes nothing! Any and all feedback is welcome, I've got pretty thick skin and appreciate the honesty :) 

Since most of my free time is early....early morning..I didn't have a chance to source many of my own photos...but the upper righthand orange Kalachoe is one of the plants we put in our garden.  I sourced the others from Pinterest/google. I created the color palette from these photos as well. The colors may still change, but I have a really hard time narrowing them down. Color junkie that I am!

I  sketched a bunch of florals, some butterflies, ladybugs, a bird and some other stuff too. 

I scanned everything in and digitized/colored them. I then started arranging some of the flowers into motifs. 

So far I have come up with 2 patterns in 4  colorways each. I also have one started that is mostly butterflies.....I will add them here soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my patterns....I am totally addicted to creating these and can't wait for the kids to go to bed at night or for me to wake up early and fire up Ai to keep plugging away at learning all of this!!! 




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