Laura J.

Freelance Illustrator



Bloom Where You're Planted!

I was so excited to see that Yuko Shimizu had this class on ink drawing! I have experience in watercolor painting and drawing with dry media, but haven't worked in ink with brushes much at all, and this class helped me understand the basic materials and techniques.

After practicing strokes and trying out different brushes, I decided to do a project based on an idea I had sketched in my tiny sketchbook, just something that popped into my mind one morning.

I developed the sketch in pencil and scanned it as Yuko demonstrated, then cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop and enlarged it for transfer to good paper for inking.

I have a little light box so transferring key lines lightly to the heavy illustration paper I used (Canson "Fanboy" manga paper) was easy.

Now on to inking... not so easy!! I found out my hand is really shaky, and it was difficult to get even lines and curves for me. But I took Yuko's advice and tried to make many different types of marks, made some diluted washes and worked with a dry brush. I messed up in some spots, and overall it got a little darker than I initially planned, but for a first try at ink and brush drawing I'm happy and excited to try it some more. Here is the result:

I also practiced the toothbrush spattering technique and plan to use it in future drawings...

Thank you Yuko for sharing your techniques, and Happy Birthday!


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