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Bloom Where You're Planted (Part II)

19 July, 2015

Final inked sketch from Lettering I, scanned, ready to be more cleaned up, brought into Illustrator and color added.


For the previous steps leading up to this stage see my project at "The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering I)".

22 July, 2015

After trying random colors and getting ghastly results, I realized I needed to create a new mood board from which to draw color inspiration. 


I'm also thinking of adding a bee to the sunflower, and got a little help with the center of the sunflower (bottom left image).


25 July, 2015

Working on more ornamentation for "Bloom," corner ornamentation ideas.




Funny how we tend to stick to first instinct sometimes. (See my project in "Lettering I", First large sketch.) This is the layer for the "Bloom" ornamentation.


When I applied it, I quickly realized I needed to add ornamentation to the curves of the "B" just like the "O"s. So I copied and manipulated them rather than redraw and scan.


Corner Ornamentation:

After several trials, I was happy with these.


So here is where I'm at now, with a color palette chosen from the mood board on the right. The colors to the left I will try for the lettering itself; the top two neutral colors are for the background. The colors under the moodboard are for coloring the sunflower illustration, which I have hidden for now so I won't be distracted and can concentrate on the lettering only.


27 July, 2015

Color Explorations:


Flower Explorations:

On the left, I created a center with a lot of depth by using several different colors of the dark orange. The individual shapes are rounded stars! But the rest of the flower and the style of the poster was more flat, so I simplified the center to the one on the right. Decided against adding the bee, as I felt the flower had plenty of detail. Chose green for the corner ornamentation so they would look like vines growing around the lettering.


Added textures in Photoshop to give it an antique feel of an old seed packet.




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