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Bloom That - student project

Bloom That - image 1 - student project

Bloom That started with a crazy idea... take flower delivery and change the way it's done. Let's make sending flowers simple, fast and accessible from your mobile phone. Possible you ask? You bet it is!

So you want to know what we're all about? 

We put together a simple selection of awesome flowers. Wrap them up in really cool, repurposed burlap packaging (using recycled coffee sacks from exotic locals around the world) and deliver them via bicycle in under 90 minutes. Sound crazy!? Well that's exactly what we're doing.
Do our flowers come with balloons or teddy bears?... NOPE.
Are they going to make you look like a total stud or studette for sending them? 
You bet your sweet bundt cakes they are.
We don't offer a million choices- and we won't apologize for it.
We're not flowers for hallmark holidays. We believe in providing an easy way to send amazing flowers everyday. Flowers that make you look good and them feel great.
We just launched in BETA: San Francisco market only.
Check us out at: