Abed Irshaidat

Graphic Designer



Blood and Water I Book Cover I A piece of art

A piece of art


This book cover made in my studio especially for a writer's new book cover contest in 99designs.

  1. The background made on glass surface with red and a little bit of black acrylic colors mixed with water. Then I put under it a white sheet before I moved it to Photoshop.
  2. "Blood and Water" written on white sheet with black calligraphy pen. Then I moved it to the design over the red background with simple multiply blending effect. The headline has some opacity like it's written with ink and water over the red background.
  3. I used the famous Arial font for "A novel by Alana Newman" with clear white color and put it in a place where it's easy to notice after observing the headline by the end user.

This is original and very accurate design done with the hierarchical system of graphic design which makes the book a real "trap" for the end user.


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