Bloguides – Find and follow bloggers relevant to you

The problem

There are countless numbers of bloggers out there, and there is no straightforward way to find the ones whom you are interested in. For example, you’re a girly-girl and you want to find a fashion blogger who shares the same style, on the same budget and preferably lives in the same area as you. To find someone like that, you could either have to a) do a very specific Google search, which is unlikely to yield any results at all; b) do a more general search, in which case nothing relevant will come up c) if you’re lucky enough to already be following a blogger you identify with, then you can click through his/her blog roll in hopes that they follow people similar to them or d) stumble upon a list of “girly-girl” fashion bloggers.


The solution

A Pandora x Flipboard solution. The app will be split into three sections – fashion, food and play. Besides finding and following bloggers, the alternative function of this app is to become a city guide written by bloggers, but that would come at a much later stage. For this course, I will probably focus on building the fashion section only. So for the fashion section, there will be a directory of fashion bloggers categorized by descriptive tags, combined with a Flipboard-like feed to allow people to follow bloggers easily.


Specifically, the app will have three main tabs and the following elements:

1) Homepage

2)   Find relevant bloggers

  • List of categories. Category items include: male/female, low/high/mixed budget, style descriptors such as girly-girl/preppy/rock chic and so on.

  • List of blogger profiles. Profiles include: a photo, name of blogger, blog URL, descriptors (e.g. gender, budget, style, etc.), user ratings and editor ratings

3)   Follow the most updated blog posts

  • List of most updated blog posts by bloggers the user is following

  • List of bloggers the user is following

4)   Suggest a blogger for the database

  • Input the name, URL and descriptor tags

 You can check an interactive mock-up of my app here (loads a little slow): http://popapp.in/w#!/projects/51125b48d23f15f06000075e/preview



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