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Blogging content

My experience with blogging started in 2010. During that time I had my own blog which I kept for about a year. A few weeks ago I decided to start over and get back into blogging for several reasons:

  1. Develop content that could potentially lead to a writing position or freelance work 
  2. Start back writing and improve my skills
  3. Meet new people that could potentially become new business colleagues 
  4. I'm on a dire hunt to uncover my passion in life and how to turn that into a career. I think my blog will give me a vision or some idea 
  5. Hoping one day my blog can give me the freedom to work from home and travel more
  6. I enjoy pop culture, celebrity news, fashion, and home decor and would like to express my knowledge and love for these topics
  7. Help me to break into a new industry I've never worked in before 


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