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Blogging Photography with a Fujifilm F850 EXR

I'm a blogger and used to rely on my iphone5/VSCOcam for my amature days of blogging, but as my readership grows I bought a reasonably priced point and shoot to help me take more professional looking photos. I am not a photographer, but am an artist. So I feel I have a good eye for composition, layouts and try to capture subjects in the most interesting way possible. My point and shoot is a Fujifilm F850 EXR and it's pretty impressive. Before I took the class I would toogle between a few different settings include the atuomatic and the EXR which allowed me to control the ISO. Here is a picture I took yesterday using one of those settings. I just started using Lightroom to view/edit my photos, which has also helped me. I actually didn't do much at all in terms of adjusting much to this photo. We were getting our makeup done for NYE and there was plenty of natural light in the salon. According to Lightroom, the settings were as followed: ISO 800 21.6 mm f/5.2 1/15 sec 

Now, after I went through the video tutorials of this class, I messed around with all the settings in my cameras manual mode and played around with an apple I had sitting on my sidetable. Not the best environment for shooting. It was night, artificial light and I was sitting down. (Because it's New years day and I'm tired.) But I actually really liked how it turned out for it being my first attempts at manually adjusting the settings...For this I had the ISO way up, I have the nifty little "rule of 3'rds" grid that I turned on to help me with composition. I am used to doing this from being in so many art classes. The settings for this photo: ISO 3200 27.6 mm f/11 1/25 sec. 

I did adjust this photo a little more, I increased the vibrance of the colors and bumped up the contrast a little to really make the black a stark contrast to the apple. I think it could definitely be more crisp and clear. But I kind of like that it almost looks like an oil painting and I was able to capture some of the smaller details. I like how the bite adds a bit of visual interest and balances out the inherent symmetry of the apple. Tomorrow I'll be taking my camera and tripod outside to practice in natural daylight. 

**Update: I took my camera and tripod outside today around 1:30 and did some practice. These are all unedited....I like the bokeh on this photo and lighting. 

Tried a different POV and really enjoy the composition of this one. Even though the tree bisects the photo, the branches on the right give it interest. Our mailbox. The vertical lines juxstapose the horizontal view of the rest of the boxes.Using lines to create visual interest again. Also like the lighting and tree bark detail. Did some test shots of portraits/outfit for the blog. Like the lighting, adjusted all the settings then used the timer on my camera. Still need to practice. I want to take better product shots and so I took my new watch off for some practice. I'm hoping to get better at staging and lighting products for the blog. 


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