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Blogging Basics - To & FroShow

I had already started a Wordpress blog but now I bought a domain to host my Wordpress blog. Slowly but surely! My goals for this blog are to:

Refine design and function of blog

Document my travel adventures

Tell some of the interresting stories from the road

Encourage others to travel more

Provide tips on how to travel without breaking the bank/make travel seem more accessible to young people

Start producing and posting videos

Hopefully (fingers crossed) make some money & turn into a career!

Here is the current blog if anyone wants to chime in: ( should be live later today 3/31/16)

Blogs I Like: This is more content than desing but I do like the clean look of this site and all the white. I use this site frequently for travel packing, she's great! Squares. I like squares. Does that make me one? Clean, siple and absolutely beautiful photographs. Upping my photog game is definitely a need for my blog. Squares again! I espcially like that this used illustrations rather than photographs. Very unique. Did I mention I like squares? Ok, this i like the overall style a lot, not just the squares. I also love the concept. One day- or two days-in posts are something I plan to do for my blog.

The Pages:

About The Blogger and Contact pages are up!

Social Media:

I'm going to focus on Instagram and Tumblr for this blog. Boom.


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