Blogging Away

Pre Question:  I primarily blog because I like to document all the ridiculous things that happen in my life and share my opinions with whatever audience chooses to listen.  I want my blog to be relevant to people today. I want them to be able to share with their friends and write about similar experiences and, hopefully, create a community of young women who are trying to make their way through their twenties unscathed.

Project 1: 3 inspring blog posts!

1. The Frenemy | My Sadness Was Never Profound

The Frenemy started as a tumblr blog a while ago, and it is run by a woman named Alida who shares her experiences in New York City.  This post really resonates with me because she speaks about how she thought her sadness would strengthen her writing - instead, she's hoping for any kind of extreme emotion to shape her into whomever she becomes next. Her prose and witty commentary make for a fun read despite the more serious tone of this post.

2. The Happiness Project | Happiness Myth No. 7

The Happiness Project is a bestselling book where the author, Gretchin Rubin, chronicles the steps that she was making in order to find happiness in her life.  Her blog furthers  the principles in her book, but most importantly, connects her with her community of readers.  She asks questions in the comments to try and get imput from her readers and links to all sorts of social media sites where her fans can follow her.

3. Smitten Kitchen | Blood Orange Margaritas

What I love most about Smitten Kitchen is the commentary that goes along with the recipies. Deb always intros her recipies with a reason as to why we would want to indulge in whatever she's sharing with us today.


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