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Lyndsey Griffin

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Blogger Business Card

Hello All!

I wanted to design a business card for a blog that I just started and wanted it to echo some of the imagery on the blog. As I'm still in the process of defining the content, I didn't want to add the description of it just yet to the card. So far, its very romantic, modern, shabby chic and inspirational. I do intend on turning it to a business later so I want the idea to translate later on with just adding words. I used Helvetica just as a break from my normal font usage.

For the second project, I used the bio blurb on my blog to utilize the serif fonts. My favorite fonts to use are Georgia & Goudy Old style so the top right was me  "going crazy" and mixing them up. The bottom right is just Georgia  and the top left is Adobe Caslon ( I love it's stylized amperstands!) I also used American Typewriter because of the nostalgic aspect. I chose center alignment for all of them just as a matter of personal preference because all my blog posts are also center alligned a well.


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