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I've been working with local businesses to create advertising and promotions. very receptive.

Also added: Wisdom Wednesday with a child co hosting....we are using a local coffee shop to do it live

i don't know what the 2nd assignment was since only part of the class was recorded and i was in wrong timezone.  so ??? creating a landing page to collect email/opt in. 

more attuned to twitter account. i actually have 2 because i understand i need to keep what i do separate. it's too much for people to understand i dabble in a variety of activities for $$$. 

So far so good.........thx Pia aka Tiny Whale Media

tiny whale came from my name of origin: whalen. growing up people called me 'whale' which i hated...how ironic now


1. I am compelled to "fix" the illusion of growing old, aging, what is possible after 50. I dislike the term 'boomer" as it sounds like something from potty training......The majority of people over 50 are not the caricatures and cougars portrayed in mainstream media. If aging were a condition - we would all age the same way.  I love the younger generation and keep open eyes and ears to better understand the direction our culture is pointed. Why? Because so many of us who have afforded our chlidren activities, lessons, adventures have neglected the most important relationship one has in life. The relationship with self. Raised in the midst of 20th century Mad Men culture my g.g.g.g.g.eneration is lost and turned around in the new century. Retirement - Marriage - Wellness -Travel - Community are being redefined. 

2. Superpowers:  I don't think I had an original thought until I was 40 y.o. and now i can't stop. I have taught yoga before it became the 31 flavors of yoga. As a Bodyworker: Massage, Reiki II Healing Touch - I am a constant student of metaphysics: the "who and what" we are - energy and intuition.  50 gives you a sense of your mortality. You realize you have nothing to lose! I appreciate the paradox of life. I know I have a distinct point of view.  My friends would say I am direct, effusive and unrestrained. Must be all the Tab and nicotine in my younger years. Being focused, energetic and sassy at 50+ makes me feel grounded. I've experienced tremendous loss and have more faith in myself compared to when I had all the trappings of middle class chimera. I'm a huge proponent for Solo Travel. Recently, I traveled 3 mos. thru Mexico at times with no pre-planned place to stay. It was bold because my family did not understand. And the lesson is when you are exploring "the you" in life even people you love/love you will not understand. There is no explaining. You have to be comfortable with doing what you do and people not understanding.

Life is not linear but a spiral. Lessons are learned from mutlitple points of view. You may find a theme from childhood coming full circle in your adult life. 

3. My BRANDING GOAL: Media in Mid life -  Engage artists, entrepreneurs and people who want to share their personal perspective on current culture and how we relate to each other. Provoke thought and challenge linear thinking.  An online radio show and filming and visual media to follow. One of my mentors told me to Go Big or Go Home.     

We are a Global community and create meaning with connections at the local community level.


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