Blog Title- Flintpark | Skillshare Projects



Blog Title- Flintpark

I intend on starting out the blog trying to launch the prop rental part of our studio business.

here is my loose strategy

Blog once or twice a week to start- include pictures of fun stuff we aquired

get a tumbler or instagram account linked to it so we can snap and upload photos of our fabulous finds both as we get them and in action at use for styling or at parties.

By June 1 have a price list ready for prospective rental accounts.

Hoping that this blog can support the dream of changing hobby into business, someday.

My friend Kim & I met working at a design firm after college and bonded over a few obsessions.
Flintpark is our collabortaion of graphic design and production services, and the coolest prop rentals, literally, its the coolest stuff we can find and we have the most fun ever finding it.

We both signed up for the class, can't wait to jump in, I think it is going to be great, and at the end we will have a blog and will be one more step out of hobby and into business.



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