Blog Monetization Plan

Blog Monetization Plan - student project

Hi Holly, thanks for sharing your tips and tricks on monetizing a blog. The list of ideas was very helpful!

I own an online shop for a while now, but I'm only getting started with monetizing the website and adding passive income streams to the blog section. Here's my new game plan:


1. Affiliate Marketing

The good news? I'm already using it! But not as much as I could. My task for tomorrow afternoon is to add affiliate links to my previous posts and to other places on the website.

I'm also going to think of ways to include affiliate links in my email marketing, maybe somewhere in the footer? I get asked about product recommendations A LOT.


2. Sponsored posts

I've done sponsored posts on social media in the past, but I love the idea of working with brands on a regular basis. I'm in the adult coloring niche, so I scheduled some time next week to approach some of my favorite manufacturers of colored pencils and markers. At first, I want to offer them a free blog post that they can share on social media (with the tools I already have) and I'll suggest that if they're happy with my work, we can work out an ongoing collaboration :)


3. Digital products

I'm already working on adding digital products to my online shop. I'm in Europe and unfortunately, this means some additional tax obligations, but I'm working on the printables while my accountant takes care of the tax-related research.


4. Adsense

It took me only 20 minutes to set up my Adsense account, connect my domain and add the code to my website. So easy! Now I'm waiting for Adsense to approve my website. I only added a small ad below my blog posts for now, but might consider more placements if it looks ok.

I wish I could select some topics or keywords for ads that display on my website that best fit my target audience, but I'll keep looking for a way to narrow down the ads selection :)


Feel free to check out my blog at and see the progress I made so far! :)

Blog Monetization Plan - image 1 - student project

Anna Grunduls
Happy Coloring!