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I didn't include all the research and steps on determining my blog name because I am just playing around with this one and I wanted to try out the freebies that were given as part of the class to practice. For my real logo I plan to handwrite the text and turn it into a vector object.

I'd love feedback just on the feel of it. I can't decide if it's too much with the script font and flowy vector objects. I'm trying to portray a "breeze" and I also want a handwritten/calligraphy look but now that it's all together I can't decide if I should change one or the other? What are your thoughts?

Newest version as of 7/23/15 10:15am est


Newest version as of 7/17/15 1:00pm est


What are your thoughts on this different color? Blue is my favorite color but as I was playing around with it I couldn't get the color to be what I wanted and I haven't quite mastered the art of my own digital watercolors yet so I'm using the ones provided. As I've been looking into themes for my new blog website I'm drawn to white + airy themes with accent colors in peach tones. I think this kind of makes sense for the "southern" part of my blog...I do live in Georgia (the peach state) ;) Just curious on everyone's thoughts! :)

These are the most updated versions as of 7/9/15 4:30pm EST




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