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Bloc Party Concert

¡Hello everyone! I'm very excited on working in this class and I really like all the projects I´ve been watching in the gallery from all of you.

I decided to make my project about a Bloc Party concert they did here in my city last year and even when I don´t ilustrate a lot, I´ve always enjoyed doing it, and since the begining I had several ideas in mind for this project.

I wrote down a list of concepts about what the band represents to me and following the tips the guys from DKNG I also did my research trying to get information about the band´s style and how they represent themselves graphically speaking. I´ve been following the band from a long time ago so I know they like to experiment with different sounds or percussions, and what I found doing the research is that they are normally asociated with a lot of colours, shapes and contrasts due the diversity they have in their music.


Some posters and artwork for the band:



So, because of the diversity and contrasts of their music, I notice people feel free to represent Bloc Party the way they like and that make sense to me so I decided for this project to do something like that and this is my primary sketch for my concert poster:

I decided to represent the band with different animals I´ve thought they would fit with the personality of the music, if you ask me why I thought in these animals I´m not really sure what to answer but as I told you before I see diversity in the band, not only in their music but also in the group, I imagine that every one of them has such different personalities from the others and I decided to use these four animals to represent that, a bear, an elk, a cat and a goose.

I think these four animals have characteristics like calm, they are also savages and beautiful. I think those three ideas fit perfectly with Bloc Party. This is the advance of my project so far, I´ll continue and update as soon as posible with the style I would like to apply in the poster and some others references.


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