Blobby creatures

Blobby creatures - student project

I really wanted a light project and this was lots of fun.

I got a bit carried away and ended up doing 4 blob creatures to use up my paint but pleased with the set.

This was in process. I used navy blue and olive green for the blob colours.Blobby creatures - image 1 - student project

End result after flipping and adding features.Blobby creatures - image 2 - student project


Process of second guy.Blobby creatures - image 3 - student project


Turned into this. Experimented with tinted charcoal pencils to add detail.Blobby creatures - image 4 - student project


And here are the other 2 characters.Blobby creatures - image 5 - student project


Blobby creatures - image 6 - student project


Thank you Marie-Noelle for this lovely class. I will use this process again to loosen up or when I just need to have fun creating.