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Blissful Carrots

So, my blog is brand new, the pic above is my first post.  I welcome any imput and/or advice. 

Why am I writing this blog?

I want to promote my businesses and give my friends and followers the tools for success in their personal and business lives...I want them to figure out what’s in their carrot.  I also want to share my story.

What are my blog goals?

I would like to build a following of female entrepreneurs (mostly in the beauty business) who enjoying sharing their ideas with other like-minded women. I want to build a network of beauty professionals I can solicit business from. I want my blog to be known by female entrepreneurs in the beauty business.

Who is my deal audience?

Women, age 25 to 45 in the beauty industry who are interested in building their own business and are looking for advice...specifically in social media management, marketing, research and customer service...possibly makeup artistry and skincare as well.  They're also female business owners looking for my services.

Where do I want to end up?

I would like to end up with a blog that brings me business because of its following.  I don’t want to have to advertise, I want my blog to bring clients/customers to me.  I want to have speaking engagements where I talk about what I’ve done and what I’m doing now.

What do I want people to walk away with from my blog?

That if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.  FOLLOW YOUR BLISS – Figure out what makes you happy and do it!  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Show up, pay attention and never lose your sense of humor.  You get back what you put in…or out.  Never lose sight of your goals.

 What is the one thing I want people to remember about my blog?


What makes me unique? 

My education, experience and my  sense of humor.

What is my story?

I’ve never really known what I wanted to do in life.  While I love makeup, working in cosmetics was a total fluke.  Once I saw how much money I could make and realized that I had the personality for it, I just never stopped.  The same goes for my education.   I knew I wanted a degree but I changed my major 4 times before I settled on sociology.  Even my graduate degree wasn’t planned.  I lost a crappy retail job and when I couldn’t find work, I went back to school.   Going back to school is what changed everything.   During my entrance interview, my favorite professor told me, “Fromholz, you’ve got to follow you bliss.”  Given the amount of trust I have in this man, I figured why not…so I did.  Over the past two years I discovered a way to combine my 13+ years in the beauty industry with a Master’s of Science in Applied Sociology (social research and measurement) and now here I am, about to walk across that stage and through another doorway in my life…happily following a carrot full of bliss.

What inspires me about starting this blog?

I once heard a TED Talk by a 13 year old genius who said, “When you stop learning and start thinking, that’s where creativity comes from.”  Thinking is what inspires me.  Thinking and then acting on those thoughts in a way that brings me closer to my own personal bliss.  I want to share the path that I’m on, the thinking I’m doing….successful or not, I want other women to know that it can be done…whatever “it” is!


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