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Blissborn: You're Built for a Better Birth

The story:

You're built for a better birth, and Blissborn will show you how to create it.  Every day, women are giving birth peacefully, calmly, and confidently.  You can, too.  

The business/brand:

Blissborn is a complete childbirth program that prepares couples for a peaceful birth.  Using hypnosis techniques, women tap into their existing power to allow their bodies to do what they were made for.  Blissborn not only helps create blissful births but also calmer, more peaceful babies.

Current main text on website:

Blissborn is the natural birth program that is changing birth.

We invite you to take a closer look. You'll find here a different way to think about birth, your body and mind, and what you can do. Blissborn is all about you. Your power. Your own natural abilities. You are built for a better birth, and we want to show you how to create it.

If you want to have a calm, natural birth experience and you know with the right support you’re capable … but you’re nervous … we can help!

Elevator speech in the works:

“When I told my husband heard I was going to use hypnosis to birth my child, he was very skeptical.  Afterward, though, he told me, ‘I will never doubt you again.’  I was able to have a peaceful  birth and allow my body to do what it was meant to do using Blissborn.  It takes the fear away.”

11 Questions:

1 – What is marketing for?

Telling a story to people who want to hear it and doing it so honestly and vividly that they want to tell others.

2 – What am I allowed to touch?

Everything!  I've been given a wide opening to comment, make suggestions, and change anything and everything needed to market Blissborn.

3 – What can I as a marketer measure?

  • Sales (on Amazon, BB website)
  • Satisfaction (via survey, Amazon comments, direct feedback, feedback shared by educators)
  • Reach (via GoogleAdwords)
  • Opens (e-newsletter)
  • Likes (FB)
  • Hits (on BB website)
  • Shares (FB)

4 – What can I change?

Internal – ?

External – a) customers as they already are (what they want & need) or b) change customers’ needs and wants (perceptions) – need to discuss this further

5 – What promise am I going to make?

To partners – I will do my best, engaging and learning and listening, to help you reach our goals with BB

To customers – If you engage with the BB program as instructed/guided, you will experience your birth as peaceful

6 – What’s the hard part?

Reaching/meeting the customer and gaining her trust;  we are a one-time product

7 – Should BB be making or following trends?

Seems we are following

8 – Where is the risk?

Personal – to my professional sense of self if my efforts are not successful;  to my relationship with partners

As a brand – Efforts will be wasted that could have been more effective by taking another route/course of action, unfulfilled promises could damage reputation

To the customer – Dreaming big and either having the dreams come true (positive) or not (negative), could have long-term effects

9 – Who is in charge?

BB creators make all final decisions.

10 – Where are we spending money, and what is it for? 

GoogleAdwords – to increase the reach of BB

My consultant fees – to help brainstorm and carry out new ideas

11 – How should I be spending my time?

Brainstorming, sharing, testing out new ideas;  making plan;  keeping track of progress on plan

Blissborn’s Ps (7)

Positioning – We must find an unserved quadrant where we can win!  (Price? Method of availability?  Modernity?) – fill a ‘niche’ in a brain’s filing cabinet of someone who cares

Pricing – Answer the question “why are we more expensive?”  Perceived (not actual) value – we pay based on what it’s worth to us based on our own story

Placement – Who do we want to be ‘next’ to, and how do we get there?

Promotion – What can we give away, and to whom?

Public Relations – What’s the story we’re telling, how do we tell it, and to whom?

Placebo – Customers must believe it’s going to work (lots of testimonials, network folks can talk to?)

Place – What’s it like to be “with” Blissborn?  What emotions does it evoke?  (Safety, comfort, want to return)

People Like us – Customers must believe that people like them choose Blissborn


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