Blinky | Skillshare Projects




Final Project Design:

Casing:  I'd like to encapsulate my final light in a translucent plastic box.  I'd like the top of the box to be made of a darker plastic and to be removable.

Design:  The project will use all six of the LEDs.  Each of these LEDs will be attached to its own pin and will be capable of blinking or fading.  The circuit will feature a capacitive sensor that will be able to set three different states.

Behavior:  My plan is to make the capacitive sensor set the light to three different patterns.  The first time you touch the sensor, the LEDs will blink in unison.  The second time you touch the sensor the LEDs will fade in unison.  The third time the sensor is touched the LEDs will fade out of synch.  The fourth time the sensor is touched the LEDs will turn off and the pattern will reset itself.


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