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Blindfolded and Animal

I attempted a drawing of my hand blindfolded. Without tracing, just for fun and experimentation. Also made a cat afterward. I had a black cat that I really loved. Just went with whatever shapes. The hand looked like a cactus so I stylized it and just played around... nothing too great here. Need to loosen up more.


Also did the freeflowing lines as suggested in the first lesson but chose to do it more in my style. I ended up with a much less detailed image than I would have done. I was thinking of nature when I made it. I guess I could loosen up bit more, but I really like where it went and I may revisit the lessons again. All the leaves and circles were done very loosely and I stylized a little afterward. I will end up using this one in a pattern eventually, I think with color it could look lovely.

Lastly, some letters that I hand wrote real loosely and fast without thinking, no stylizing the letters, just the scrolls around it.

Okay, tried a couple more. Did this one while listening to a very deep strange Christian song, just randomly picked off of youtube. I decided to color it according to the feel I got from the music. I really don't like it! haha. 

The one below is one I did while talking to my daughters. I just drew whatever line like the DNA thing Shantell was talking about and filled it in with my own stuff. I'm happy with this one. At least it is cheerful! Ha!

Thanks for checking it out. I am really enjoying looking in our student gallery also.


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