Blinder | Skillshare Projects




I had a great time creating different color combos for the character I created in the Shape Language class but the next time I enroll in a class that requires computer use I may unenroll. 

I don't use color creating software and Brian was gracious enough to say that color pencils would be fine. 

Here is Blinder in outline and in the first idea I had for a palette along with one of the alternatives I liked a little better than my first thought.

Blinder's power to save the world is that he emits powerful, blinding light rays from the top of his head, his eyes, his nose, the buttons on his shirt and his belt buckle to blind the villain. because of that I had to use a yellow or gold in every palette. It was limiting but I did have fun coloring him. 


Note the white and peach did not show up well in the photo so I outlined them on the palette.

Here are three other palettes I liked, though I printed out a bunch of copies of the outline and did more than these.


I'm not that crazy about the last one but he filled out the page. :)

Thank you, Brian for a fun class. 


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