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I was in way over my head in this class. I'm not a game player so game charcters were unfamiliar to me. The examples - except I remembered one of my friend's kids playing with Pokemon characters - were total strangers. However, there were oodles of good tips for drawing characters. Here's the page I sketched as I was watching the vidoes.


I really liked mt little guitar man at the bottom. The minute Brian said musical instruments, a flock of creatures appeared in my brain.

However, in order to save the world, I thought my character should have more power so I went with the man inspired by the flashlight (center, more or less) and came up with Blinder. He has enough light power to blind all the bad guys while his partners - so far uncreated - chop them down. Maybe Hatchet Man?

Before I decided he needed more sources than just his head to shine light.


After adding clear eyes, opening in belt buckle, buttons, and stripes down the sleeves that indicate the flow of light to his hands and fingers.


He's so nice and innocent looking the villains laugh him off but he can lean his head in any direction and hit them with a blinding force of light. Beams also shoot from his hands, the buttons on his shirt, his belt buckle, his eyes and wait till those gleaming teeth slap you when he smiles.  


Here's Blinder with his silhouette.

The character at the top left of my sketch page is the start of the character I signed up for this class to do. He is the hero for a Christmas fable I plan to include in this year's Christmas greetings, Round John. He works in the stable. He needs a lot of work but I got some great tips and ideas from this class. Thanks, Brian. 


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