Blind Photographer - Budapest

Blind Photographer - Budapest - student project

I need feedback and advice for my artist bio. I'm well aware that I'm a nobody, but my bio is still very long, it is my nature, I write long. I need help with this. The class is extremely helpful, don't get me wrong, I'll be watching it multiple times. But, I don't know how to cut this bio short.

Thank you :) 


Artist bio content: 


Photo exhibits: 

  • Akranes lighthouse - Iceland
  • EFOTT 2018  - summer festival
  • Pléd Fesztivál  2018 - Nagytétényi Kastélymúzeum 

Art education: photography lessons at high school of fine arts. Skillshare. Practice and patience. Photoshop and photo editing Android apps. 
Mobile photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Dedicated Instagrammer and high recognition on 

Blind Photographer - Budapest - image 1 - student project
Why am I doing photography? I was born somewhere far and small, a place that not many would pay much attention to, and I wouldn't like to redirect your attention there, since I don't like giving credit to a society that basically left me depressed and suicidal after 2 decades of my life wasted there. I moved to Budapest, Hungary to study psychology, cause society tells us that art doesn't pay the bills, and if you're a blind woman in a foreign country, you better play along the rules. But since I moved here, I've been exposed to all this beauty. This city is a living painting, a never-ending poem of bridges, lights, sounds and architecture and I am only a tiny spec, a shadow, moving among its cobstone streets and concrete boulevards, up and down its hills and planes... If I, almost blind can see this beauty and experience it to an extend that even after half a decade of residing within it, I still get marvelled, I think it's my calling, to share this beauty with everyone else. 
I am not your sob-story disabled artist, I very much dislike that approach. I am a blind photographer. The very little remaining vision that I have is enough to appreciate how far I've come. If I can do things so can you. I am only a shadow, a moon, I don't have a light to call my own, yet where there's a shadow, there is light, I capture it and reflect it back to you. 

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