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Blind Devotion


Target Primary Audience:

Young Adults (YA) between 15-25 years old. Mostly a female audience. People who enjoy K-Pop fanfictions and also a lot of diversity.

Blurb (not official/editing)

Tell me what's the perfect picture of young adult's life nowadays. Would you say a countless number of friends? Going to a party every month? To be in a love relationship? To study and make money? If it's what you think it really is, you could call Melanie Hill a solitary.

At 22 years old, she still struggles with the society's "standards" for a woman of her age. However, it might change this time; new encounters and goals will transform her life forever. It's going to be a rollercoaster.

A discovery of the feeling to love for the first time, and to be loved. An uncommon devotion breaking the stereotypes. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!

Sample of my story:

I'm currently editing my chapters, but I will give you a glimpse of one of my last ones. Context: Mark is a blind young man. Him and Melanie were not "officially" dating, but developed feelings for each other and already confessed they liked each other. **English is not my first language, but I'm still working on it!**


"What am I to you, Mark?" A question which irritated her mind, searching for an answer. "I don't understand, as if all we had been nothing, only dust. You said you liked me and showed it to me many times. You can't even tell Emma that you're seeing someone??"

A light rain started to fall, tickling their bare faces.

"Do you remember when you told me you never had been in a relationship?"


"I got afraid that I could rush you if I went too fast because I cared for you. I wanted your first relationship to be smooth, make you feel at ease without rushing things between us. Let you take your time. I wanted to take each step with care. That's why I've never talked about us to other people."

"Is this why you only called me a friend in front of everyone yesterday?"

"Yes. I guess my quiet personality brings more misunderstandings because of the way I express myself or act sometimes. But never, never I have disregarded you. I was scared to say, girlfriend when we haven't talked about it. I stayed on my guards since I knew I was your first... one. I don't speak about my relationships openly with anyone and maybe you thought I didn't care. I do care. It's just I tend to only focus on my partner. I don't care about if anyone else knows how I feel as long as you know."

Melanie now understood him a lot better. Without a doubt, all this time he cared about her, however, his actions were misunderstood at times. She looked at him with a new feeling.

"I think nowadays when two people kiss for the first time, they officially label themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. For me, that's when you say 'I love you' to each other for the first time you can call yourselves a real couple. I've never said I love you to a girl before; I called Krystal my girlfriend only because she urged me to."

Mark was even more concerned about love relationships than she thought he was. Becoming more interested in him, she desired to give him a quick peck right away.

His hair became humid and drops of the rainfall washed down his porcelain face. Her heart felt lighter, but something still bothered her: Emma.

"Then, what am I to you?"

He tilted his head and his lips curled up slightly, "A pure beauty. A beauty I'm-" Melanie snorted at his words, making him stop. "What?" he asked her.

"A pure beauty? That-"

"If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me. You are sincerely beautiful in every sense. You might not see it, but I do."

Melanie never felt this way: beautiful. Mark just healed a weak side of her heart; a warmth surrounded it as it beat faster. She put her hands on her face trying to control her emotions while she watched him with affection. He melted her with his tenderness; nobody made her feel this special until now.

How could I hate you?

"I'm scared... to shatter you in a pathetic way..." he continued slowly, "I have issues to take care of. I need to go back to my past  before starting a fresh chapter with you. I'll gain more confidence. That's why I think you and me should spend some separate time."

"... You're asking for a break?"

He nodded.

"Have you thought about it twice?? You know you can't turn things back easily??"

"For me to start anew with you, yes. I need some time with Emma before she returns back to Taiwan. That chapter of my life wasn't finished completely. Yes. I have to go through... I'm sorry. Will you... be alright?"

You get so lonely easily, am I doing a mistake? Mark reflected.

"Will I be alright??? I don't know, it's a shame a heart can't talk??"

Mark caressed her arm and the other one, trying to bring her closer to him, but she moved away.

"Do not touch me Mark."

"What are you going to do? Pushing me like last night?"

"Oh, I can do that!" Out of frustration, she pushed him multiple times with both hands and Mark could not do anything. After the fifteen chest punches, she slowed down and collapsed on his chest. She sulked, "Why you wanna go?"

"I have faith in us, I know it's not the end."

"Maybe I'm meant to be alone..." Melanie said and walked away from him.

Mark had time to grab her hand before she went any further. "Don't say things like that!"


"I'M NOT LEAVING YOU!" Mark retorted.

"You're asking for a break because you need time with Emma, WHAT IF YOU FALL FOR HER?!"

There was no escape; love happened anytime and with anyone. Love chose by itself. Mark's rosy shade faded away as her question sent shivers down his spine. What if he fell for Emma? He would lose Melanie forever.


An expressionless Mark in front of her gazed aimlessly everywhere but her. She remembered the first time her eyes laid on him. Who thought both of them would have come this far. Today, the feelings were ambiguous because it might be the end. She wept not able to hold it anymore. The second time she broke down in front of Mark. He listened to her sorrowful melody alongside the rain sound.

He approached her and cupped her face in his hands, dropping his walking stick on the wet ground. Melanie wanted to fight against him, but the event of last night took all of her strength. Mark paid attention to her painful heart as he dried her tears of a gentle movement. 

"I've made you cry, what am I supposed to do now?" he began to waver, feeling guilty. He hoped to turn things back to before Emma' sudden reappearance in his life.

Melanie escaped from his embrace once again and looked somewhere else; everything seemed especially sad today. The rain interpreted her feelings quite well. Her eyes got lost in the view and the words came out again...

"Your childhood friend comes back to your life and asks to date you... Even if you haven't directly say yes, I have a feeling... You two will reconnect and that's... That's my biggest fear. Her having you. Me? I'm just a random black girl who happens to like a blind Asian guy..."

She looked down and closed her eyes as hard as the reality in front of her hurt. None of them talked and only listened to the rain dripping down the leaves, the trees. It drummed heavier and steadier on the walk path.

Melanie took a glimpse of Mark pale face; clueless. His nose and his ears became pink because of the cold temperature. She contemplated him tenderly while remembering the words she wanted to tell him.

"The you that I know is clumsy. The you that I know... is like a child. Rather than me without you, you without me makes me more worried. I like to guide you to places and describe you things in a creative way. The way you would like."

Mark wet fingertips traveled Melanie's facial features with delicacy, capturing a precious photo in his heart to save it in his soul. He connected his nose with hers and snaked his arms around her figure.

Melanie observed his every feature not knowing when she would be able to do so. To be this close to him again.

Suddenly, the rain became heavier and they both lifted their heads to the sky. Melanie peeped at Mark who grinned at the drenching rainfall. The way he enjoyed nature, she will miss it. He looked down at her and came closer, ready to kiss her.

"Stop." Melanie moved back and Mark did the same. She told him sincerely, "You said it wasn't the end so don't make it feels like it's the end. When you'll come back from your past, just then you can have me. However, if you decide to not come back... I'll build my future with someone else."

Mark furrowed his brow at the someone else, feeling even more insecure about this whole situation now. What future could reserve them?

"You intend to see someone else?"

"Only if my absence won't affect your life. Only then I'll know my presence will have no meaning in it."


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