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Bleu caprice

Hi, I am Victoria and here is my moodboard.

I love fashion and style is important to me. Conversation and sophisticated thinking, live vision and colour moods is what I try and incorporate into my work. I like meaning and details. My "Bleu caprice" is very fresh and on its first steps of creation, but I feel like incorporating feminine touch, elegance, glamour and french theme into it.

Blue is one of my favourite colours because it is beautiful in its nostalgic and elegant touch. Few patterns above that I found, inspire me to bring french style and provincial sense into the design. 

"The Bow"is my main theme for eyeware design for this project. It is girly, fun and simple but often can become a main feature in high fashion glamour. I love it.

I still dont know whether my design will change and any of the above ideas will expand, but here is what I have today and I feel very excited to learn how to further develop my ideas and sketch them into a practical piece of fashion.


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