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Bless My Hustle


Monica Rivera · Los Angeles, CA


Bless My Hustle


Inspiring Hustlers · Redefining Success


The Bless My Hustle™ mission is to deconstruct the conventional idea of success in order to encourage individuals to pursue their own passions, develop their inherent talents and cultivate their own hustles.

Bless My Hustle™ envisions a society defined by a culture of diversity which fosters self expression and values passion, individuality and a strong work-ethic over conforming to traditional standards.

The Bless My Hustle™ philosophy is two-fold; hustle as a noun and hustle as a verb.

As a noun, hustle is about redefining your idea of success. It’s what you do, or the thing you dream of doing. It’s your passion. It’s the intersection of your interests, talents, and opportunity.

Hustle as a verb is putting in work and adopting the hustler mentality. It’s driven by a street-inspired work ethic focused on determination and the willingness to do what it takes to push yourself to that next level.

In essence, Bless My Hustle™ is a prayer to implore a blessing on your dreams and on the work you do to reach them.



In our current society, individuals are rewarded and complemented when they excel in traditional fields and mold themselves according to societal standards of behavior. We are taught to choose a predefined and acceptable career track, pursue higher education in order to secure an entry-level position within that track, and finally to work our way up the organizational hierarchy until retirement. There is so much emphasis on telling kids that they should try to become doctors, lawyers, engineers or something along those lines. Those are great careers, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore or put down the students who struggle with math but create amazing doodles on the back of their notebooks. They could be the next Vincent van Gogh or Banksy. Not everyone is meant to end up in some 9-5 job for the rest of their life. That's where Bless My Hustle™ comes in. 

In 2010, I launched Bless My Hustle™ as a lifestyle blog about success from the hip hop perspective. The idea was to redefine success and make it more relatable and cool, while encouraging and inspiring people to follow their own passions... but this simple idea has become much more than a motto. It’s a lifestyle. I hope to continue to develop Bless My Hustle™ as a brand and as a movement and intend to launch the fashion line Winter 2013.


Born from a blog and an idea, Bless My Hustle quickly grew to way more than I ever imagined. The first branded product, a simple wristband with the motto, has quickly gone viral. My wristbands have traveled to cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and all the way across the world to places like Prague and Switzerland! More importantly however, I have had many educators, mentors, and teachers ask for wristbands specifically for their students. That is the generation this brand is for. 


This year I intend to launch an apparel line in accordance with the Bless My Hustle™ message. The line isn't meant to be a fashion statement; It’s a way of life. It's about wearing your hustle. I hope that this class will aid in the development of my apparel line and the further evolution of the brand and look forward to the valuable lessons and feedback and I am able to gain here.

Partial proceeds from all Bless My Hustle™ sales will go toward the Blessed Hustle Fund. This Fund will be used to sponsor non-profit organizations that assist at-risk inner-city youth and align with the brand's mission, vision and philosophy.

In the future, The Blessed Hustle Fund will go toward the creation of a sponsor-a-youth mentorship program that will work with at-risk kids to identify their skill set’s, find their hidden potential and give them the tools to cultivate their own hustles and this is only the beginning!


I'm loving this course and am taking this class to see how the lessons can help me continue to grow and expand my own brand. I'm not neccesarily in it for the contest portion as I am in the busiest season of the year for my management company and am not ready to release anything on here without it being ready to go. I am here to see what everyone else can bring to the table, to connect with new brands and people in the industry, and develop a network I can go to for feedback on my own endeavors, both during the course and after. I'm big on meeting new people so feel free to reach out to me!

@MonicaBMH - Hustler // Connector // Entrepreneur

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In the spirit of connecting and collaboration, if you want a wristband, shoot me a tweet or an email and I'll send one over free of charge!

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