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Megan Scarmazzi

nesting doll artist & doodler



Bless Me with Apple Pie and Cheese

Colored in Photoshop

I stopped working on this for awhile... but finally picked it up again. I had made another drawing, scanned that plus a few detail layers, and colored in photoshop. I'm not quite happy with this yet, so i'll probably keep working on it when i have time. 

Refined(ish) Sketch

I like this sketch much more than the last one, and decided to add a circular border to resemble a pie pan. 

The "Apple Pie" needs to be a bit gibber and the pie/seal ampersand needs be be scaled down a bit... I like having the pie in the exact center, so I'm going to have to figure out the right size so it's not just floating awkwardly but also the visual heirarchy makes sense?

Rough Sketch 

I don't like the "Bless Me" and the other elements definately need to be refined and and straightened up a bit. Maybe i am trying to be a bit too literal with my interpretation of the quote. Please give me feedback and what you think should be changed or fixed. :) 

Layout Sketches

Update#1 warm up sketches

"Bless Me with Apple Pie & Cheese" -Eugene Field

Eugene Field is one of my favorite writers, and when I found this snippet of a poem by him, I decided this was the phrase I wanted to illustrate. The colours that i'm going to go with are muted reds, green, and creamy yellows, with a hit of dark, steely blue. I'm going to try for a vintage feel that is a mix of the feeling of the summer turning into fall, a John Steinbeck novel and your grandma's kitchen. 


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