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Bleske: Style your space like a pro

1. Needs: A need for a mantel to be visually appealing- to decorate for holidays.

2. Shape: Diversity of Shape and size: The window, frames and plates create diversity in shape and size.

3. Color: Yellow, Turquoise & Green: when I close my eyes, I see these colors in a pallette. 

4. Pattern: The pattern works well in this space because you have a common color pallet, yet the patterns are different enough. You have a solid turquoise piece to bring in as well, and many white/off white solid elements in the vases and pots. You also have a common theme of spring, and therefore it is unified in some way. 

5. Texture: The moss in this is WONDERFUL. It adds texture without being overbearing, and still adheres to the color pallette. 

6. Placement: This particular picture does an EXCELLENT job in showing placement, placing things in mini collections: the bird and bird pictures, the moss elements and pots, the plates on stands. Also, this picture (and I am a novice on the idea of 3s) shows different elements of the power of 3: 3 pots; 2 bird pictures and a bird, etc. 

7. Bling: I don't really see bling here, although maybe in person, the glass on the window would suffice. 

8. Botanicals: Very well done here. We have the moss and the yellow branches. Not sure if any of it is real, but I think that is important too (considering I kill EVERYTHING) and I could defintely incorporate botanicals into my household so long as they don't require care. 


Ok: ready? Here are my before photos!

1. Coffee Table

2. Console (we don't have one so I chose the piano):

3. Couch

4. Bed

5. Bookshelves (we don't have one in the LR, so I chose the one in the playroom):


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