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Blending Cultures

02 DEC 2013 | I am so glad I found this class and am really excited to get this project started. I'm a graphic designer and have produced designs for web and print, but my cousins and uncle recently came to me asking for a tattoo design - which I have no experience with. The tattoo I hope to come up with will blend both their Norwegian and Filipino heritages, but will still have elements that are very distinctly representative of each. I plan on doing some brainstorming tonight, and ultimately want to finish it in time for Christmas as a gift! Stay tuned.

16 DEC 2013 | I've made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks, primarily in the areas of consultation and initial image conception. After talking to my cousins I was able to get answers to 1) the significance of the piece (they wanted to blend both of their ethnic backgrounds) and 2) where they each want the tattoo placed - arms for my uncle and male cousin, and the upper middle back for my female cousin. However, no one had a preference for a particular style, so I'm currently shooting in the dark trying to find something they might like.

I set up the following idea board on Pinterest to help them get a better idea of what possibilities there are, but they still don't seem to be gravitating towards any one (or even three!) style types. [ Board Here ]

I also currently have the following tattoo outlines created. I figured it would be easier to determine the outline of a tattoo they like, with the ratios, line thickness, etc. that each wanted, before doing the sketching. (A little backwards from the process in class, but style seems to be the last thing they would want to focus on.)

My current question is: How do you create a stylized version of a tattoo idea when the client knows what they don't want, but not necessarily what they do want? I'm a little worried I'm going to have to run through a million different options until my family can find something they like or works for them. Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid -- or, if necessary, work with -- that kind of situation?

Also, any feedback on the actual concept ideas would be great. Thanks!


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