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Blending 101


Hi guys! Not quite sure how this all works, but I guess we'll all figure that out as we go along.

A little introduction first; my name is Mark, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I did my undergraduate degree in Architecture from 2008-2012 after which point I decided to pursue a career in documentation and visualisation. We were taught a little bit of Revit in 2nd year which got my appetite for 3D modelling going, and I developed my skills in the software in my own time and eventually at work. I now get paid to do renders for proposed dwellings for clients which is an enormous amount of fun and I wouldn't change it for the world!

I plan to broaden my skills in 3D modelling, and blender caught my eye after reading about the course offered by SkillShare on Architizer. The potential of this program seems unlimited, and some of the interior renders I have seen online have been 100% photorealistic which is always inspiring. 

On to the first tutorial, I have just finished watching the video and I will post my render here when it is done and I am satisfied (I'm a bit of a perfectionist) which hopefully won't take too many attempts! 

Cheers, Mark.


Tutororial 1 Render 1

Not quite sure what happened with this render but it seems as though there are lights missing, the roof is gone and there are no colours. Not quite sure how I managed this!

Tutorial 1 Render 2

This second attempt came out much better. The colours seem a bit off but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the result. I framed the shot a lot better and increased the sampling to 50 (2500 AA, although I stopped it at about 2350) and the outcome was a much better image with a more interesting feel.


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