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Gary Jackson

I design things and try to be artistic about it.



Blender Scene

Took this class to get reacquainted with Blender after a few years away. This was very much what I needed. It was a great, broad overview of Blender's capabilities. This course really softens Blender's quite steep learning curve.

First Render
This render represents the stage just after modeling and just before materials were added. I kinda like the all white look. Was definitely too dim with poor contrast though.


Second Render
This render was just before the compositing stage. I chose to play up the monochromatic theme. Still kept to one light, and hence, it was still too dim with crummy contrast. But I kept it, in order to move on.


Final Render
In this last render, I was able to adjust the contrast to my liking in the compositing phase with RGB curves without increasing the light intensity or adding more lights (which was an effect I liked).


I'm happy overall with the results. I'm going to play around more with Blender. I'm hoping I can fall in love with enough to remain part of the Blender community and not have to shell out the thousands of dollars for Cinema 4D. C4D is currently my pick for 3D software for what I want to achieve at the moment (after trying a few packages out).


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