Blended Assortment-First Rough Draft

Blended Assortment-First Rough Draft - student project

Hey everyone, so this is my first (very) rough draft for a startup. It will become a store with multiple pages, but the one page layout will serve as the landing-page or the coming soon and get more information page. The store is based on my blog-site (Afroniquely You) and it will be selling a myriad of things. From apparel, posters, flyers, greeting cards and even handmade crafts.

Blended Assortment-First Rough Draft - image 1 - student project

Colors: Green, Brown, Grey and accent pink.

I'm still working on a true logo for the store and additionally photos for actual items. But please let me know some feedback on the top section with the button, if that works or not.

Thanks guys!


Sasha-Shae W
Visual Design Strategist