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Blank Clothing

Blank Clothing

How we came up with the name took a lot of thinking and time, even as simple as the name was we drew a "blank" in our heads no pun intended; but we came to realize that there is no individualism in the world, everyone follows everyone, style, media so our company is Blank and its up to you to create your own self in it


Blank Clothing is inspired by LOS ANGELES LIFESTYLE and the original heavy hitters of "Streetwear" (Freshjive, stussy, the hundreds, johnny cupcakes, upperplayground) before all the hype and selling out. Our design are reminiscent of early “streetwear” and what it used to stand for and be. The line is comprised of graphic t-shirts, fleece, headwear, and accessories. In 2004, We had another brand LustCo which did well for a little but we werent in it 100%; we did the tradeshows Magic and Agenda when it first launched and well the scene wasnt how it is today. We were outcast; if you didnt know someone big in the streetwear game, they wouldnt look at you; you either had to have alot of money to get in the game or be on someones A list; which well inspired me more to keep trying and perfect all my designs but didnt help us get noticed. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where it was cool to hang out at  118 boardshop and the streetwear scene wasnt where it is today, it was raw and pure all about the culture and  the little guys. I started off with an idea, saved up my money and went all in and i wanna thank Andy from 118 boardshop now primitive and Dom from Brooklynn Projects who helped me out, carried my t shirts back in the days; but the scene has changed its not about culture anymore its not about staying true to your roots, most companies are in it for the quick cash which is why I started Blank Clothing to bring "streetwear" back to the OG roots, to stay true and humble which most companies have not. We dont have millions of dollars, we dont have 100 interns creating hundreds of designs for shirts by the month what we have is people dedicated to making the best designs we can, yeah we cant please everyone but what we can do is stay real. Streetwear used to be about owning that shirt or hat that only 100 were made in the world, you could walk down fairfax st with your rare ass kicks, limited edition hundreds shirt and hat and everyone would be coming up to you loving it, now i cant even walk around the grocery store without seeing everyone with the same shirt or style, the scene is dead and i want to change that. Love it or hate it im in this for the long run now

We are a life project that is personal and direct, reflective of the community and culture, and dedicated to you the fans of true "streetwear"



Summer Line 2013


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