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Blame it on the A.D.D., baby

I haven't really started drawing yet, just done a little bit of research and a small list/brainstorm.  I didn't spend much time trying to come up with a phrase, I sometimes wake up with a phrase/earworm that just repeats itself all morning, usually something stupid/absolute nonsense like I want coffee in my shoes I want coffee coffee shoes, but today it was a line from SAIL:  Blame it on the ADD, baby.  So I had no choice really, but to just go with that.

my list of related words were:

video games, explosions, kids, hands, eyes, atari, retro consoles, extinction, austerity

(the last two are because I'm obsessed with brontosauruses and think the idea that they are extinct is because they had ADHD is hilarious... and yes I know they are called apatasauruses now, but I don't like that).

so, off to watch video 2 now.

ok.  after watching video 2, i did a rough/quick batch of the word "BLAME":


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