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Blake DeHart: Graphic Artist Blog  - student project

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Define Blogging Strategy

Step One: Describe the Purpose

  • Document My Creative Process/Journey
  • Product Reviews (when relevant)
  • Learn by Teaching
  • Express My Ideas & Thoughts
  • Become a Better Writer
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Increase Business Contacts
  • Develop content for articles, presentations, and books
  • Earn money by advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling
  • Become a Known Subject Matter Expert
  • Content Marketing

After listing a few the blog purposes that aligned what my goals, I wrote a short paragraph that briefly explains the purpose of my blog.

I want the focus of my blog to be teaching and sharing useful resources and experiences through my creative process and journey of further developing my skills as an illustrator, storyteller, and designer. For myself, I believe documenting my process feels like the most authentic and natural way to blog, rather than making the focus creating content. Through the process of teaching and learning, over time I would establish myself as an expert. I also want to increase my personal and business contacts through the blog.

More specifically, at the moment I'm creating a one-page mini-comic and I'm documenting the process. I've also done a product review post and have another one that I plan to do after I've had more time working with the device. 

Step Two: Define the Audience

Demographics (quantitative traits)

  • Gender: Men & Women
  • Age: 20's - 40's
  • Income: 20k - 50k
  • Job Title: Working Professionals and Students interested in storytelling and illustration
  • Years of Experience: Not relevant
  • Location: I would just say U.S., but I personally follow the blogs/vlogs of artists worldwide so why wouldn't people in my audience.
  • Devices used to access content: All (Mobile, Laptop, Desktop)

Psychographics (qualitative traits)

  • Personality: Creative, Meticulous, Conscientious
  • Values: Community, Diversity, Family, Friends, Experiences, Spirituality, Authenticity
  • Attitudes: Imaginative, Empathetic, Easy-Going
  • Interests: Reading, Writing, Storytelling, Drawing, Comic Books, Picture Books, Movies, Cartoons
  • Lifestyles: People that may or may not be working in a creative field looking for a creative outlet in the form of storytelling and illustration. Perhaps they enjoyed reading or creating their own stories or comics growing up and are rediscovering their passion for storytelling.


Blake DeHart: Graphic Artist Blog  - image 1 - student project

Corey is a 29-year-old in-house graphic designer living in Michigan with his spouse. He is currently an in-house graphic designer at a manufacturing company. Corey spends most days working on print, web, and event related branding projects. After a busy day of work, Corey enjoys spending time with his spouse before retreating to his home office to work on creative freelance side-projects. However, he finds himself feeling burned out working on projects similar to his job too often. While searching for a new creative outlet, he remembers how much he used to enjoy writing short stories and drawing. Shortly after that, he finds himself wanting to combine the two skills and make a comic.

Since Corey has a very meticulous thought process he doesn't quite know where to start. He finds himself stuck in the creative process because his vision for the project and his current ability aren't in alignment. That's when Corey starts looking online for resources and inspiration on the process and best practices for effective storytelling. On the weekends, he also enjoys spending time with his family, reading, going for walks, going to shows & concerts, watching movies, and playing guitar. Whenever possible, he also enjoys visiting new places. His personality is easy-going and finds comfort in having processes and routine, however, he understands the benefits of stepping outside of his comfort zone. 

Step Three: Define Your Blog Style

  1. Professional - Boring = Informative
  2. Witty - Nonsensical = Engaging
  3. Resourceful - Useless = Insightful
  4. Empathetic - Cold = Relatable

- Blake