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Blade Runner

OK so I decided to do a classic but definitely one of my favorite films of all time, "Blade Runner". I wanted to feature the character of Pris, so my keywords were:

  • sexy
  • danger
  • noir
  • rain
  • thunder
  • lightning

I tired at first in Illustrator (where I'm quite comfortable)  to use only basic shapes, as a test run for AE but found it too limiting...



So I built it in Illustrator and inported it as both source and reference:


I only used the hair and face shape from AI but built the eyes in AE. I had to figure out how to use a track matte for the eyes to contain all the shapes and wound up using the "card wipe" efffect for the wipe transistion on the "BladeRunner" title at the end. I also inserted some audio. I pre comped the whole thing and repeated it a few times to create a loop. Here's the finished animation:


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