Blacksmith & Cobbler: Branding and developing a company to be able to design and manufacture in any category the team feels passionate about

My project I am working on now started out as a Accessories company called Blacksmith & Cobbler.  After a bout with doing custom shoes (for friends and acquaintances), I realized the difficulty with stock and inventory (having to carry multiple sizes of the same style knowing that there wasn't going to be a complete sell through) I decided to focus on Bags. 

The website has some older projects and products:


With the over-saturation of women's based fashion and being a man who like to use the things I made, I then switched focus into design more men's and unisex styles that had heavy influences from menswear and men's design. 

My personal experiences have taken me from Calvin Klein to Coach designing and engineering high-quality bags.  But then I decided why only bags and I went back to school to get more education in Industrial design.


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