Richard Parsons

Photographer at Blackpixel




My main moodboard will be online at:

I chose the "House" image as my cover shot (and included the full uncropped version below) because it conveys what I like most in a portrait - intense detail, bright colours, great expression and humour / character.

My aim for this project is to create an image that goes a little further than my portraits to date (at if you're interested!).

I intend to:

- find a model who is able to open up and be "playful" in front of the camera

- try working with coloured lighting

- include props to convey a message

- potentially involve a Makeup Artist

- experiment with adding graphic elements during the edit

- take onboard whatever suggestions JM has for creating a powerful portrait!

Some amazing images:

Alexander McQueen by Nigel Parry

Rhys Ifans by Rankin

Sam Claflin by Rankin

Johnny Rotten by Andy Rosen

Brian Molko by Mychael Helmz


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