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Black as Midnight on a Moonless Night

I decided on a quote from the TV show Twin Peaks. In episode 2, Agent Cooper is asked how he takes his coffee and he replies "Black as midnight on a moonless night." I like the line because it is so descriptive and the words Black, Midnight and Moonless are really vivid and give me a lot of ideas to work with.

I am not sure of the application for this project yet. I was thinking it would either be a simple poster, or packaging for a made up brand of coffee, with "black as midnight on a moonless night" as a slogan.

I began by writing a list of words that the quote brought to mind and then did some little illustrations of some ideas that I liked.

I collected some images of vintage coffee and beer packaging to reference when I start figuring out the layout and begin lettering. I like a lot of the color combinations on the packaging too. I also gathered some photographs, illustrations and posters as inspiration for the mood and style of the piece.

This is as far as I've got, but I can't wait to start the next step!

Today I started some warm up lettering. this is fun!

Out of all of these so far, I am most happy with the script in the top image. I was trying to go for a hand painted sign look. But I also think the one with the large M is interesting and it reminds me of a retro sign for a diner or something. I copied that one pretty directly from the Mayfresh coffee can in my moodboard, but I think I could change it around but use a similar composition if I included it in my project.

Update 11-10-13:

I started doing some sketches of layouts today and while I was sketching I came up with an application for my piece. I am going to make a logo for a coffee tin, then make an advertisement poster with a drawing of the tin and the slogan "A damn fine cup of coffee!" (another quote from twin peaks) I did a quick sketch of this in the photos below.

Anyway here are some logo layout ideas I came up with. They are kind of hard to see in the photos, but I re-drew some of my favorites in ink in the bottom photo.

Any feedback on these would be great! Looking at all of these, I think the diamond shaped one is the strongest but I'd like to know what elements you all like. With the shape that contains "moonless night" in the top right design, I was trying to reference the floor of the black lodge in the tv series, and I like that.

Here's what I'm talking about if you haven't seen it:

I have done a little more work on my project and I think I have a design that I am close to finalizing!

It is going to be an advertisement for a twin peaks inspired coffee:

This is pretty close to the final version of the can:

The mountains and the bottom strip on the can will be black with the words "moonless night" and the coffee mug in white.


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