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Black Widow Silks

Thats my project now finished. Very pleased to have had 475 views ob the Slidshare feed. Happy to go forward making slides now using Tomas's thought process.

Ok, I've finalised my slides and after hours of tweaking I uploaded them on Slideshare last night.

Its been a great class Tomas. I will certainly recommend it as I had ever produced a slideshow before this.



What & Who is Black Widow Silks?

Black Widow Silks is a high end luxury Silk Scarf & Sarong Accessory Fashion Label which should launch its first inaugural collection late summer 2013.  The range in designed in Scotland by Adrienne Kerr a graphic design graduate & digitally printed in the UK on 100% luxury crepe de chine silk. It is finished & produced to a beautiful standard & edges finished by skilled seamstresses. The product is also packed up in black issue & black boxes with black widow silk branding. 

Who is the Black Widow Silk Audience?

1. Young Female Professionals

2. Creative Types

3. A Discerning Buyer,Male or Female (no specified age as such) but those who enjoy quality, creativity & uniqueness of product design. 

4. Fashion Magazine Editors, Online Fashion Bloggers

5. Small Boutique or Online Retailers who would also showcase the product to Audience 1, 2, 3 & 4

What's the problem? What is their Pain?

1.   A competitive market such as fashion is jam packed with choice. Sometimes difficult to find what is not in the mainstream shops/online boutiques and then decide upon a product. 

2.  The above type of customer mentioned are constantly looking for fresh & different asseccories but  they are also looking for quality & value for money, simplicity & versatility of product use as well as great customer service.  

3. I think buyers want to know that products are ethically produced too and they are receiving the best quality that they can afford to pay for. Its certainly a worry when you buy an expensive product online without seeing it first and then hoping that the finished quality matches the product which you have viewed online. So that's their pain too.

4. Fashion Consious buyers such as the above also have a quest  & thirst for fashion but want also to make investment purchases which are not throwaway items. Perhaps spending more on an individual item but having something really special in return. Something which can have multi use from season to season and will not date quickly. Quality not quantity.

5.  So to sum up the pain for the buyer is wanting something different, quality product, great delivery & customer service. They are busy professionals and often don't have loads of time to browse, shop or look. Online sales is a great solution for them, they need to be confident in their choice, so first impressions are huge and high initial visual impact is vital. To be fashionable & comfortable at the same time.  Making a luxury accessory purchase and being happy with the quality.

How Can Black Widow Silks Help?

1. To supply an authentic fierce product range which can then be collectables. 

2. Niche Market/something different, not mass produced. The quality of product & attention to detail will be second to none. Ethical production methods.

3. Deliver great customer service. So when the product is delivered & recieved it exceeds all client expecations. 

4. Clear, concise product information on our web & social media sites & promotional sales materials.

5. Web site which is easy to navigate & purchase from even from a phone.

6. All products are beautifully wrapped & packaged. 

7. An enjoyable retail experience for the buyer so they will return to the site in the future.

8. They receive their purchase which they can rock and wear or they can frame it to have a truly unique piece of artwork but printed on silk.

No Pain, No Gain!


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