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Black Widow Logo

Hello! I'm a newer designer speeding through some classes and this one is way out of my usual fare!

I started sketching some ideas for a vegan-animal-fusion logo but I really wasn't feeling anything. Then I had the idea for a classy cocktail bar in Manhattan--and that's when I came up with the idea for Black Widow, a bar themed around both the spider and the femme fatales who bear the name.

Original sketches:


You can see me here trying to pair the glass with the spider shape and it was not really clicking. I knew I wanted it to be geometric, sharp, and minimalist, because those things are hard for me to hit without overworking.

So I brought it into illustrator and here were the early iterations:


You can see the process of trying a diamond shape and scrapping it and moving away from representation here.

Then I went to more variations:


Playing with type here and I found a few things I liked. You'll also notice I received a crit on balance so I made the spider not as tall and brought the head back since I liked the sharpness. I also made the glass stem wider.

Then just now I settled on two variations I'm really fond of:


I tried the left one on a whim and I really dig how the type is working there, so that's likely going to be my final barring any crits people give me. :) Then I'd like to do some mockups on cards and etc!

I had a lot of fun trying this!

Edit with some minor things I'm still futzing with:



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