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Black Sun

So this is actually my very first project that I've done on skillshare. I'm not sure what the best way to present everything is so here is my shot at it!

I really enjoyed this class. I really liked the idea of just going for it and not over thinking the project. To not take myself so seriously and see what I could come up with. Obviously the first step was choosing my band. I went with Death Cab for Cutie. I've been listening to their new cd recently and I've always been a big fan of theirs. I tried to think of things associated with the band but I felt that made me over think the project so I just search around and came across these images as my inspiration. 


From there I started my sketches. I played with a few different ideas but ultimately decided on a simpler design so that it translated well when I took it into illustrator.


I really enjoy lettering and typography so I wanted to make the band's name the focus but also keep it loose and have that handdrawn feel.


I'm glad the class included a materials list. I like knowing why certain tools are used and how they can be beneficial. I feel like alot of times it gets left out so I figured I'd thrown in a picture of the tools I used. They are all pretty basic markers but I like the consistency of the lines these give. 


From there I inked the sketch in pieces. Honestly that was a new technique for me that I never thought of but man it makes things easier to translate and work with in illustrator. Then I put together my color inspiration based off of an older record of theirs.



So my 3 color choices for the project were the top 3 squares. The purple square is a little brighter on here then in my final project but it was my best guest at the result of the combination of the baby blue and maroon color. As you can see in my final project below the purple is darker which I think makes more sense for the combination of the colors. 


That's my project and honestly I like it! it was outside of what I normally try to work on and it was simple and fun and i liked the process of it all. I'm literally leaving to go to coachella 2015 as soon as this posts so I gotta go!!!! haha but I hope everybody likes it and if there is any comments or insight on my project it would be greatly appreciated!


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