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Black Red Blue Yellow

Note:  Project not complete yet!! In progress.

Never before have I drawn in marker.

The very thought of using such a unforgiving medium has paralyzed me for years.  I don't use "for years" merely as a trite expression--I purchased a set of artist markers years ago and this assignment finally encouraged me to christen them.

I can barely stand the commitment of ordering my drink at Starbucks--constantly wavering between extra sweet or no sugar and the like. The fear of making mistakes, and more importantly, the JUDGEMENT I place on myself because of those mistakes has been a key part of my psyche for as I could hold a pencil.

This has made artwork a painful love affair. Even when I am looking at a non-blank canvas, it may as well be a blank canvas to me. I will erase, paint over, change my mind, made it better, make it different, make it less ME.

This exercise from Shantell was exactly what I needed to fall out of my comfort zone. 

It's not my best art, or even close. But it is my most honest work. My most authentic. And the most fun and freeing to do. The one thing I have created in this world that I would say most closely reflects what I am.

I am black, red, blue and yellow.


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