"Black Horn Brewery" Growler

For this project I'm going to be designing a beer growler for my ficticous brewery, "Black Horn Brewery".

The brewery draws it's insperation from the history of the county I grew up in. Jones County is located in southern Mississippi and is rich with Civil War history and stories passed down from gernation to gerneration. My family history is tied to historical legend Newt Knight and his men who saw the war unjust. Knight led a small army of men from the area to protect the locals from both the North and the South. The men comunicated by signaling with cow horns. 

There was much controvercy over Newt Kight over the fact that he was married to a black woman, Rachel.

I'm drawing insperation from hand lettering and anitque lables.

"Black Horn Brewery" Growler - image 1 - student project