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Black Holes Infinity

I am attempting to design an album cover for my boyfriend who is releasing his first record soon. I am a visual artist who dabbles mostly in painting and drawing. Translating my thoughts and hand-drawn illustrations into a digital form is my weak spot, which is why I am taking this course! 

I already have some sketches that I made with his music in mind. The title of the album is Black Holes Infinity, named after one of the tracks on the album. He is a singer-songwriter and I'd say his music falls in the category of indie rock and folk.  If I had to compare his style to any one artist, it would probably be Conor Oberst but with a little more rock undertones. 

In his words, the title song, Black Holes Infinity, is about the vastness of the universe, and how no amount of knowledge one attains really compares to the bigger backdrop of the universe we live in. He wrote the song while being frustrated in the midst of studying for finals for his philosophy of religion and philosophy of science classes. 

My idea is take the imagery related to outer space, galaxies, and of course black holes, but to add an earthy twist to it. I want to use earth tones, like the cream/brown used in this Flying Lotus album cover and maybe some other earhty colors. I want to also incorporate some sketches I've already done to give it a handmade feel. I plan to include a lot of geometry and line work. 


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