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Black Guard

Throughout the centuries mankind has been in constant fear of those monsters that would prey upon them. Monsters that lurk deep within the shadows waiting to do unspeakable things to the innocent. Monsters that no Empire or Kingdom would deal with.


Are you ready to join the Black Guard?  


More than just an organization we are a force. We transcend borders and deal with the nightmares that haunt the streets. Do you think you have what it takes to join our ranks?

You must be strong, valiant, and courageous. No monster is too fierce, no bandit too cunning, no rogue magic to nefarious to stop our purpose.


This is partially the premise I’ve working on. The Black Guard is a sort of mercenary core that primarily deals with monsters and other neutral threats to humanity ( necromancers, highwaymen, etc) . Because they are pretty much universally thought of as a good alternative to dealing with problems that would be problematic to deal with for most countries and kingdoms they have the right to travel between borders freely.

Thats not really what the story is centered around though. I sort of want to have a story that deals with not everything is as it seems. The prime example is the Black Guard itself. It makes itself out to be a noble organization but in reality it is only really in it for profit. The people in the organization that survive are hardened veterans who had to sacrifice a lot to survive and as a result they are callous, and inhumane. Basically everyone's an asshole but there may be a reason and a story behind it. I guess everyones a little like Gutts from Berserk. They fight nightmares for a living and are all a little messed up and eccentric as a result. 

These are two of the characters that I would like to have be part of the Black Guard. The guy is the main character (no names yet I'm pretty bad at naming character xD). I probably should have made more characters to this but I’m really trying to find an art style that I like (something that I can reproduce easily)


I’m leaning towards the comic being black and white with shading, Partially because I the manga style quite a bit but also because I like adding details to my stuff and color ( besides the occasional color pages because who doesn't love those) would be just another thing to add to it.

I would love as much feedback as I can get. Is this story set up something that people would be interested in reading? I’ve spent way too much time thinking about making this. This challenge was a good excuse to finally get started on this.

edit 1: Okay so I finally had a minute to myself to get back to work. So I got some of the figures done. I like how they turned out actually. I think I might actually use most of these in the comic.Tell me what you think. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Edit 2: Fisrt design for main character. Still no name as of yet. 


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