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Black Death

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday of the year - When I was younger I would decorate my moms house and try and scare the shit out of the kids in the neighborhood. I always had respect for people who would put a lot of work into their houses for one day of the year, kind of like how graphic designers or artists might spend a hundred hours on a piece that might only be seen by a few people.

For this piece I wanted to celebrate Halloween, not in a cheesy way with pumpkins and cats, but in more of a morbid, dark way. I got a word list started to get me going:

1. Death

2. Halloween

3. Dark

4. Murder

5. Suicide

6. Hell

7. Cemetary

I then threw together this mood board focusing on death as the main aspect.

I then drew some really shitty drawings in my trusty field notes book to get some ideas flowing (most people don't get to look in my field notes).

At this point I tried to think of the style I wanted to do it in, I was leaning toward graphic pen at one point but decided to go with a monotype/monoweight style because I thought it would look more organized in a pattern. 

I then illustrated all of the things I was excited about and organized them in a fashion that I was satisfied with.

I was originally going to use a color palette of dark maroon, light greys and dark greys but after I organized everything the all black started to grow on me. I might still color it tomorrow if I have time.

Here is what the pattern looks like all together, let me know what you think, and a big thank you to Elizabeth for all of the pointers. 


Here I added a black background, turned all of the objects grey and overlayed a texture on top.

Spent some time and threw some color at it, I wasn't going to do it originally but was persuaded to - I'm pretty happy how they turned out, what do you think?

Muted Neon





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