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Jacob Verbrugh

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Black Capped Chickadee

I chose the Black Capped Chickadee as my animal for this class, I have tons of feeders around my windows at my house, and I have always enjoyed them as little characters. They seem like little morsels of joy and feathers =D

I started with two very light thumbnails/sketches




just playing around with different styles seeing what the best fit would be.


I enlarged the thumnails and inked them.

The winters where I live reach below -30 celsius, heavy snowfall, wet snowfall so it can be very slushy, not to mention extremely icy during winter months. For those of you who dont live in places that are fortunate enough to have 4 seasons, When its -30 and its snowing wet mixture trees and everything else exposed will have thick layer of ice remaining overtop until the sun does its job. =D




this is basically my final sketch, and my final lettering is below.


The words would obviously switch postions once brought into illustrator at later date once I have available time. I just didnt plan ahead and started drawing like usual.

This was another idea I was going with, very minimal =D


Thanks Mary for an incredibly fun class and equally awesome book!


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