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Black Butte Ranch, OR

I decided to do several of my favorite places, including my hometown. This is the first of the series I have finished. It is my 3rd sketch I tried, so I've had some practice getting a hang of creating a nice composition and I'm quite happy with how the composition turned out. 

For the framing, I decided to do an outline of The Three Sisters, a beautiful mountain range that frames many of the views at Black Butte Ranch. 

I didn't have a nice white sketchpad, so I had to make do with a yellow lined notebook. :/

For my sketches, I started with pencil, erasing as I corrected letters and flourishes. Then I traced with sharpie, made adjustments with pencil and traced it again with a new piece of paper until I arrived at my final sketch.

Intial Sketches:


Final Sketch:



Final Design:


Once I had my photo, I took it into photoshop, edited it to black and white, and inverted it. 

For the shading, I decided to try to capture each stroke, so some letters, like the "n" and "h" have two shadows. I'm not sure if it adds, or subtracts by making those areas seem too dark. 

I would like to try writing the lettering on a better surface with nice paint pens another time. Looking forward to adding the rest of my series. Feedback welcome!


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